Dear Baby Programme

Giving birth is an emotional and life-changing experience

At Welwitschia Hospital, expectant mothers are invited to join our Dear Baby Programme,  thereby ensuring a happy and healthy journey for both you and your baby.

From pregnancy to delivery and into early childhood development, you and your baby need care and guidance you can trust. The Dear Baby Programme at Welwitschia is made up of specialists, doctors, midwives and sisters who are there, every step of the way.

1. Specialist Obstetrics & Gynaecologists

We are here to guide you throughout the journey. Our facility is one of the few in the region that has partnered with resident and visiting specialists in the field of obstetrics. If you are interested and would like to find out more before you get started, contact one of the specialists and set up an appointment.

Dr. C.M Jeketera

Obstetrician & Gynaecologist


Resident Specialist

+264 64 284 130

2. Dedicated Midwife

Every Dear Baby Programme member is assigned a dedicated midwife. He or she will be with you throughout the process and will accompany you on the big day. Your doctor must always be consulted about your and your baby’s specific needs. However, day-to-day questions such as birth plans, hospital facilities, what to pack for hospital, and any worries you might have can be chatted through with your dedicated midwife.

3. Ante - and Postnatal Classes

As part of the programme, you are invited to join our antenatal and postnatal classes. These aim to help expectant parents prepare for the delivery and care of a new baby. We will also introduce you to our friendly and professional personnel at Welwitschia Hospital and take you on a tour of the maternity ward so that you feel comfortable and at home when the big day arrives.

We will also cover topics such as:

  • Information on the different methods of delivery offered at Welwitschia Hospital, being:
    • Natural Birth
    • Caesarean Birth
  • How to prepare for and what to do on the big day.
  • The father’s role before, during and after birth.
  • The importance of nutrition during pregnancy and after birth.
  • Exercise and massage techniques.
  • Pain management and breathing exercises.
  • What happens during and directly after birth.
  • Demonstration and practical tips on bathing and handling a newborn.
  • All about breastfeeding and breast wellness.
  • Caring for your baby’s umbilical cord.
  • Tending to your stitches/wound (caesarean birth).

And much more.

The classes are held every Tuesday from 17h45 to 19h00 at the Welwitschia Hospital. Classes are free of charge to our Dear Baby Programme members or anyone who is considering delivery at our facility.

4. Ultrasound

We encourage all our expectant mothers to have ultrasound exams done during their pregnancy. Key dates to schedule an appointment at the Sonographer are:

  • During the 12th week
  • During the 20th week
  • 3rd trimester exams

1. Your Birthing Plan

In the later stages of pregnancy, before the big day, it’s important to decide on a birthing plan. This helps prepare you emotionally and means that you won’t have to make the decision at the last minute.

A birth plan contains both the general spirit of your birthing wishes, as well as more specific items relating to your preferences. It should also include a Plan B in the instance that your Plan A is not possible. Making the plan beforehand allows us to look after your baby and yourself according to your values and your choices. We encourage our mothers-to-be to discuss the options and their birth plans with their dedicated midwife and doctor.

2. Specialist Paediatrician

A Paediatrician will be there at the start of your baby’s life to check that your young one is fully healthy and that there are no problems.

Dr. P. D Makanda-Charambira

Specialist Paediatrician and Paediatric Nephrologist

MBChB (Zim), M.MED Paediatrics (Zim), DCH (Aus), Cert. Paed. Nephrology (SA), MPhil Paed. Neph. (SA) Fellow ISN/IPNA

Resident Specialist

+264 64 218 900

Dr. I Migambi


MBChB (NUR), M.MED (Wits) FC Pediatrics (SA)

Resident Specialist

+264 64 218 900

3. Hospital Facilities

Boutique Maternity Ward

Our newly refurbished Maternity Ward is one of the best in the region. Our experienced and dedicated staff are available 24/7 to ensure mothers and babies receive the care they need to start their new life together, in the best way possible.

Visiting Guidelines

  • Mothers-to-be may be accompanied by one person when being admitted to our hospital.
  • Only two visitors are allowed in the mother’s room during any of the times listed below. We request that all visitors adhere to the rule: the new mom, dad and baby require rest and bonding time.
  • Due to the risk of infections to the newborn, children under the age of 12 are not allowed to visit.

Visiting hours

  • Main partner/father of the baby (all day until 21h00)
  • Baby’s brothers, sisters and grandparents (15h00–16h00)
  • Other family and friends (19h00–20h00)

Before entering the mother’s room and when leaving, always clean your hands with sanitiser provided at the room entrance. The baby’s brothers and sisters are to be accompanied by an adult during the visiting hour.

4. Neonatal ICU

If your baby needs to be placed under special observation, our experienced staff in the Neonatal ICU will ensure your baby is looked after with the required level of specialist care.

neonatal icu in namibia

1. Well-Baby and Mother Clinic & Immunisation Clinic

Our clinic offers new parents advice on all aspects of baby care. The sister will gladly answer your questions and assist with any concerns you may have relating to your baby’s or your own health and your baby’s development.

Immunisation card

An immunisation card will be issued to your baby at the time of delivery. His or her first vitals will be recorded there. This card is to be kept with you to keep track of baby’s growth trajectory, as well as clinic appointments, and future immunisations.

The clinic sister is available to assist you during the following hours:

  • Monday: 08h00 – 12h30 and 14h00 – 16h30
  • Tuesday: 08h00 – 12h30
  • Wednesday: 08h00 – 12h30 and 14h00 – 16h30
  • Thursday: 08h00 – 12h30
  • Friday: 07h30 – 12h30 (Pap smears only by appointment)

Their guidance extends beyond baby to mother and includes family planning information and advice; pap smears which take place on appointment Friday mornings; emotional support; and breast self-examination demonstrations. The sister will further liaise with your family doctor regarding the well being of your baby and yourself. We claim directly from all Namibian medical aids, although co-payments may be required by your medical aid. Private patients are welcome.

2. Early Childhood Development

The first years of your baby’s life are the most important. Early Childhood Development (ECD) is the holistic science that takes the view that your baby learns and develops both physically and psychologically from the time of pregnancy. These learnings and developments shape your baby’s personality, their physicality and will positively affect their whole life. Thus nutrition, stimulation and health care need to combine from early on in pregnancy and run right through childhood. In conjunction with the Rotary Club of Walvis Bay, our mothers are given informative materials about ECD. The club also offers personal attention, aiming to give your child the best start to life.

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